Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edmonds CC baking students shine at the Edmonds Center for the Arts event February 14

The Edmonds Community College baking students were the highlight of the February 14 event at the Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA). The students walked around with trays of the most delicious chocolate morsels and chocolate covered strawberries.

There was also a station with candy that one student managed. All of the students talked to the ECA patrons, told them about the product, the Baking and Culinary programs and how they loved being at Edmonds CC. The students were charming and professional. This partnership with ECA and Edmonds CC was wildly successful. They had such a presence! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ryan Artz - a recent graduate from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program

Name:  Ryan Artz

Degrees Received: I graduated with a CIS (Computer Information Systems) ATA and two certifications (Desktop Support and Advanced Systems Analyst).

What were you doing before Edmonds CC? I moved here from Colorado in 2011. I wanted to change my career path from the pizza industry to computers- building databases to be more exact.

Why Edmonds CC? I had originally planned on Everett Community College, but chose Edmonds CC because they have a good reputation with a great computer department. In 2011, I had enrolled at Edmonds CC but then had to drop out due to personal reasons. I told my instructors that I would come back. I simply wasn’t ready the first time. I held to my word and did indeed come back. In Winter 2013, I was ready and re-enrolled.

What was your favorite part about Edmonds CC? I must say that I have truly enjoyed my time spent with Edmonds, and feel as if I have gained many skills throughout the program. All my instructors have been fantastic, and have helped groom my skills that make me truly stand out in my company. I felt that getting my degree was a challenge, but I continually amaze myself with the things I have learned to do.

What was your most memorable moment? I truly feel that my skills were "unlocked" in a few classes; the classes seemed to have set the precedent for my growth and the building blocks for the incredible things I find myself doing. CIS 102, CIS 253, and CIS 250, were the classes that I'll never forget. I am still using the skills I've learned from those classes. I also find myself continually building off of them. I can make Excel sing, and MS Access/Visio are second nature.

CIS 102 was the beginning of everything. It's what made me realize what my potential was and gave me the necessary tools to move forward. It gave me the opportunity to do anything I have ever desired to do with Excel, and started me with the right foot forward on Access. 

What are you doing now? Even though I don't work in the IT industry, the skills I have gained have gotten the attention from my supervisors who have pulled me from my day to day job to build and adjust their systems and applications. This has landed me a job that pays over $70,000 a year...not more than 6 months after I got my degree. I am now a General Manager for Garlic Jim’s in Lynnwood. I can never thank Edmonds CC and my instructors enough for what they've done.

What are your ultimate educational goals? I will be pursuing my Bachelors of Applied Science degree in ITAM (Information Technology and Administrative Management).

I truly appreciate what Edmonds CC has done for me. I've gained so much, and it definitely has been one of my best achievements.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Make a green difference and get a chance to win money in the Sustainability Challenge

Edmonds Community College and the Northwest Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) are working in a strategic business relationship, on projects that benefit both our organizations, northwest community businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and students. The NWIRC invites teams to submit their best ideas for products that will create a positive environmental sustainability impact and show high potential for commercialization.
Have a great idea for reducing waste on farms? A new way to generate power? A program for transportation efficiency? Or, maybe you have skills in business and would like to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial venture that supports sustainability. Either way, we'd love to hear from you!
Those eligible to participate must be students, staff, alumni, faculty, and businesses that have some affiliation with:
  • Bellingham Technical College
  • Edmonds Community College
  • Everett Community College
  • Northest Indian College
  • Skagit Valley Community College
  • Washington Engineering Institute
  • Western Washington University
The most successful teams are multidisciplinary, including business, marketing, and the idea people – the various skills you'd need to start a business. If you'd like to compete but need help building a diverse team, contact us or post on our new forum.
Finalists in both the business and student division will be given the opportunity to present their ideas before a panel of judges, as well as to the general public. Winners in the business division will receive cash prizes (two $10,000 and one $5,000 award(s) will be given) and business development support from the NWIRC.
All the money goes to the winning members and those winning teams get additional support in the form of assistance in taking their winning product to market. The initial registration MUST be submitted by March 1, with the finalist making an oral presentation in May. NWIRC provides the format for proposals. The final written business proposal must be turned in by April 13.
To learn more and to apply, visit: NWIRC Sustainability Challenge

Friday, February 6, 2015

Edmonds CC names new Associate Dean for Instruction

Edmonds Community College Interim Executive Vice President for Instruction, Gail Miulli has announced the appointment of new Associate Dean for Instruction, Carey Schroyer.

Schroyer will be working with instructional deans supporting faculty (with an emphasis on part-time), assisting with part-time faculty classroom observations, and working with professional development coordinators. She will also be involved with e-Learning to help enhance professional development opportunities for faculty.

In her new position, Schroyer plans to have a strong focus on helping faculty be the best instructors they can be. She wants faculty to feel comfortable and encouraged.

“There is nothing more exciting than watching the light bulb go on, by empowering faculty and students,” said Schroyer.

Prior to this, Schroyer has been a tenured faculty member in the Life Science Division at South Seattle College since 2009.

Recently, she was on special assignment working as a faculty development coordinator for the Seattle College District campuses. Schroyer managed the faculty development grant review process and facilitated a variety of professional development opportunities including the annual faculty summer institute.

Schroyer also served as a faculty representative on several committees across the campus as well as the project manager for Pathways to Careers, a foundation that creates employment opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities.

Prior to teaching full-time, Schroyer taught part-time in the Biology and Life Science divisions at Edmonds CC, Everett CC, and Highline CC.

Schroyer received her Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Logan College of Chiropractic and managed her own practice. She also completed a one year e-Learning certification from the University of Washington and the Quality Matters I and II Certification.

Schroyer started her new job at Edmonds CC on Jan. 2.

Edmonds CC Black Box Theatre presents “A Breath of Freedom” February 18

The Edmonds Community College Black Box Theatre presents “A Breath of Freedom,” a film, 7 p.m., Wed., February 18, in the college’s Black Box Theatre in Mukilteo Hall on campus, 20000 68th Ave. W. This event is open to the public.

This film tells the story of the one-million-plus African Americans who fought in World War II, as they fought to liberate Germany from Nazi rule, and racism reached unfathomable levels. Their fight would continue back home on American soil. You’ll discover their encounters with hatred, from the enemy and from within their own ranks. Explore this paradoxical chapter in American history through interviews with war heroes, including Colin Powell, Tuskegee ace pilot Roscoe Brown, and Charles Evers, brother of Civil Rights activist and WWII veteran Medgar Evers.

The film will be followed by a question and answer discussion with Veterans Judge Charles Johnson — whose story is featured in the film, and Dr. Joseph W. Scott — author of "Little Ethiopia of the Pacific Northwest". This discussion is moderated by U.S. Veteran Raymond Miller.

Admission to “A Breath of Freedom” is a $7 suggested donation. Donations will go toward Vets Place NorthWest or the Boots to Books Campaign.

To purchase tickets or find out more, visit: or call 425.640.1448.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Second Generation ESL

Jan Peterson, Intensive ESL (English Second Language) instructor, heard from a former Japanese student that her classmates’ daughter was studying at Edmonds Community College. Jan thought it would be fun to meet her. Through the International Student Services office, Celena Sakuma was contacted and then she visited Jan at her office. Within a few minutes, Jan pulled her oldest grade book out of the file cabinet, from her first year teaching at Edmonds CC in 1986. Together, Jan and Celena found her father and her mother's names in Jan's Fall 1986 Level 4 Writing and Reading classes! A bit later, Jan looked through old pictures, and found a class photo with both parents, NaHomi and Kiyoshi. 

Intensive ESL Class- NaHomi is fourth from the left and Kiyoshi is fifth from the right back row
Kiyoshi and NaHomi, met at Edmonds CC while taking Level 1 classes in the Intensive ESL Program, so they were already dating when they were in Jan's classes. Eventually, NaHomi finished college classes at Edmonds CC and Kiyoshi went on to get a MBA at City University. They got married in Japan. Later, Kiyoshi worked for a Japanese company at an office in Kentucky, which is where Celena was born, so she has dual Japanese/American citizenship. The family moved back to Japan when Celena was four, so Celena's formal schooling was in Japan. 
Celena Sakuma and Jan Peterson
When it came time for college, Celena decided to follow in her parents' footsteps and come to Edmonds CC. After finishing two quarters of ESL, Celena has been taking classes towards an Associate of Arts degree. One highlight of her Edmonds CC experience was the Edmonds CC trip to Guatemala this past August. 

"My grandfather encouraged my father and his siblings to get an overseas experience. I guess I'm following the family tradition," reflected Celena. "I plan to live in the U.S., but if I have kids, I would want them to experience both American and Japanese language and culture." 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Charles Thompson presents at the annual HPOG (Health Profession Opportunity Grants) Meeting

Charles Thompson, Director of Edmonds Community College’s Creating Access to Careers in Healthcare (CATCH), presented a 5-minute Lightning Talk entitled, "At Risk Students: Do I belong and am I good enough?" at the HPOG (Health Profession Opportunity Grants) Annual Meeting held on December 2-3, 2014. Thompson referred to the research of David Yeager from the University of Texas, and presented information on how CATCH utilizes three keys – high expectations, community, and collaborative technology – to combat these questions.

Thompson discussed how many at-risk students experience doubt as they go through the program and often interpret what happens to them in negative and defeating ways. As a key to combatting students' doubts, high expectations provide students with tools of empowerment to realize their strengths. Building a community is another key of the CATCH program. Collaborative technology, such as hybrid online courses, an early alert online system, and broadband for internet access, allows for innovation and flexibility.

To learn more visit: