Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Edmonds CC employee is the oldest full-time employee in the state of Washington

Paul Poppe, Edmonds Community College’s Contract/Risk Management Specialist, is 85 years old, which makes him the oldest full-time employee in the state of Washington.

Poppe has been employed at Edmonds CC for 23 years. He currently works in the Purchasing department to support the college’s contracting activities and making sure that the college is in compliance with state regulations.

Poppe has worked at Edmonds for so long because, “I enjoy the work and the people. It is a very nice climate to work in with first class co-workers,” said Poppe.

“He is reliable and a very valuable employee,” said Marian Paananen, Edmonds CC Director of Finance. “He is an asset to the college and we are glad he is here.”

Why does he work at the age of 85? “Everyone is my family has worked — you contribute until you can’t contribute anymore,” said Poppe. “I feel healthy and I need to continue to work to support my own needs.”

Poppe has been in the Purchasing department since 1997. Prior to Edmonds CC, he held employment at the Applied Technology Training Center, Ardex Group, Hach Company, and Bourns, Inc.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Education from Bowling Green University in 1952.

He went on to serve in the U.S. Army from 1952 to 1954, as a forward observer in the Korean War for the artillery division.  

Poppe went back to school in 1957 to earn his Bachelor of Science in general science from Iowa State University.

“It started out as a joke between myself and my co-workers that I was probably the oldest so we decided to request the records,” said Poppe. Initially when the joke began he was not the oldest, but in time, he finally took that title.

“I always told my family I would retire when I became the oldest, but I’m still not ready.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Edmonds CC hosts “Food Matters” event to tackle issues surrounding food

Edmonds Community College hosted its first ever Food Matters event on June 2, for community members to share their stories and thoughts surrounding food with the organizations that serve them.

The event is the first of its kind in our community and the discussion focused on the issues that the community faces with eating well, and how the community can work together on the solutions. A graphic recorder wrote down all of the important ideas that were shared and facilitators helped move the conversation along.

The event was born from low-income community members not getting enough information regarding accessing food.

“We wanted to find out how hunger showed up in our community,” said Chris Hudyma, Edmonds CC Director of Organizational Development and Community Events. “Most importantly, we wanted our local community members who face hunger to have a voice in finding solutions.”

Many people showed up and consisted of: three community leaders, 14 community members, and 15 representatives from local food banks, Within Reach, Neighbors in Need, Whole Foods, Edmonds School District, YMCA, Mercy Housing, City of Lynnwood, and Verdant Health Commission.

The next step is to assemble all of the data into a report that will then be shared back with the community members and organizations who are working to serve them.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that we can alleviate hunger by giving a hand up — not a handout,” said Heidy Valles, Edmonds CC Growing Communities Coordinator.

Edmonds CC Summer Quarterly Highlights Video with President Jean Hernandez

Take a look at the Summer Quarterly Highlights Video:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Edmonds CC baseball pitcher Alec Kisena selected by Detroit Tigers in MLB 2015 draft

Alec Kisena, Edmonds Community College pitcher, was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 16th round as the 490th overall pick in the 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) draft.

Weighing in at 250 pounds, Kisena stands 6 feet and 5 inches tall, is a right-hander, and is a 2013 graduate of Jackson High School. He appeared in 11 games for Edmonds CC this spring and ended with a 6-3 record. In 75 innings, he allowed 48 hits, struck out 82, and accumulated a 2.27 ERA.

He started playing at the age of four for the YMCA. Growing up, his role models were his father who played softball and Pedro Martinez.

Kisena has experience at first base but moved his focus to pitcher his sophomore year of high school. He played Junior Varsity (JV) baseball for Jackson his freshmen year. By sophomore year, he was playing JV and varsity, when Jackson took second place in the state tournament.
During his junior year, he led the league in strikeouts and earned run averages.

In his second game of the season at Edmonds CC, he was leading the Northwest Athletic Conference in strikeouts.

“Everybody on the team was a family,” said Kisena. “Once we bonded and started hanging out, everything just started taking care of itself.”

Throughout the season at Edmonds CC, area scouts would attend each game. “There were at least two scouts at each game,” said Kisena.

He was invited to and attended Seattle and St. Louis workouts; however, he was not able to make it to the workout for Detroit.

Ultimately, as he sat in his hotel room in Corvallis, OR during summer league ball, he received a text saying, “call me.” When Kisena called, the Detroit Tigers informed him that they would be trying to draft him.

Kisena thanks his parents for giving him the opportunity to play; Scott Mahlum, his little league coach; JT Zink, his pitching coach who taught him how to be a pitcher and not just throw the ball; Curt Nelson, his summer coach who taught him how to be “mentally in the game” for every pitch; and Guy Kellar, his coach for the Seattle Stars.

“I would like to thank all the coaches here at Edmonds CC, and my teammates for going through this journey together,” said Kisena.

What does Kisena see for the future? “The big leagues and working toward trying to be the best.”

Global Leadership Summit 2015 in South Africa

The Global Leadership Summit is underway at the University of the Free State (UFS) in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Attending from Edmonds CC are: Tonya Drake, Vice President for College Relations and Advancement, Marisa DuBois, Director of Student Services for Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language, and Gem Baldwin, Anthropology and Diversity Studies Instructor. Seven Edmonds CC students are also in attendance.

The international conference is an exchange of ideas and experiences regarding diversity, racism, racial integration, social justice, and reconciliation within the higher education system.   

International delegates from institutions in the U.S., Europe, and Asia will have an opportunity to understand South African society, and how university students are being looked to as the country’s future leaders.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Edmonds CC hires new Executive Vice President of Instruction

Edmonds Community College has hired Charlie Crawford as the new Executive Vice President of Instruction.

Crawford will be working with instructors, students, and staff to continue to strengthen instructional pathways and serve the educational needs of the community.

Prior to his appointment at Edmonds CC, Crawford served 11 years in various dean roles at Tacoma Community College (TCC).

“I had a tremendous opportunity at TCC to work in different areas and gain broad experience,” said Crawford.

His accomplishments at TCC include:

  • developing a Learning Centers unit that coordinated tutoring support across the campus;
  • leading growth in a successful eLearning program that includes support for instructional design and faculty training and multimedia production;
  • sponsoring the creation of Learning Network to provide a consolidated support portal for students and faculty that includes the eLearning Department, Library Services, the Learning Centers and now Information Services;
  • aligning and strengthening the college’s professional-technical business and information technology programs;
  • increasing instructional options for students by increasing the number of sections offered in hybrid and online modes across the Business division; and
  • restructuring the college’s Welfare-to-Work program to direct more resources to students.

Crawford’s community college background includes serving as a dean in four different areas: academic services; business and workforce education; business, learning resources, and English for academic purposes; and learning resources and English as a Second Language (ESL).

He also taught at TCC, Lesley University, and City University as an adjunct faculty for more than eight years.

Crawford received his Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the Community College Leadership Program at Oregon State University. He also earned his Master’s in Librarianship and a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Washington.

Crawford started his new job at Edmonds CC on July 1.

“What we do is important and I feel optimistic about community colleges and the difference we make in our communities,” said Crawford. “Edmonds CC is a dynamic college and I am excited to be a part of that.”

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Edmonds CC WATR Center and Northshore School District partnership featured

Far left: Raphael Madison and Northshore School District students
The Washington Aerospace Training and Research (WATR) Center’s partnership with the Northshore School District (NSD) was featured at the Northshore School District’s annual Career and College Readiness Dinner and Advisory meeting on May 21.

The annual meeting was attended by more than 200 people, including parents, principals, department directors, board members, and district officials.

The WATR program was the only program that was showcased during this event. An overview of the WATR program was given, along with specifics on WATR’s alignment with Northshore’s Composites Engineering and Manufacturing program and outcomes. Additionally, 16 of the NSD students who graduated from the Core were presented their certificates.

“Given the high unemployment rate of recent high school graduates, the partnership between Northshore and WATR provides stackable skills education that will help students obtain livable wage employment directly out of high school in an industry that will invest in their continuing education,” said Raphael Madison, Edmonds CC WATR Marketing Manager.  

This is the second year that WATR has acted as a conduit for NSD students, which is a continuation of what the high schools offer in its Composite program.

WATR offers five short certificate programs that are each broken up into two segments. The first certificate is the CORE, which covers general terminology for aerospace, tools, etc. The second is the Specialty certificate that is more skills-based and provides hands on experience. Prior to completing the program, a Retention Specialist from WATR helps students with resumes, interviewing skills and job search assistance.

The WATR center provides flexible hybrid training opportunities to meet the fast-paced needs of the aerospace industry.

Students can earn college credits while taking any of the programs that apply to a two-year Engineering Technology-Materials Science Technology Associate of Applied Science-T (transfer) degree at Edmonds CC.

Since the launch of the center in June 2010, the program has achieved the following documented student job numbers: 1,559 students who graduated from the program are now employed, 86 percent of graduates are working in aerospace, and 14 percent of graduates are working in non-aerospace companies. Lastly, 83 percent of students who completed WATR programs and applied for employment became employed.