Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eric E. performs at Triton Student Center

If you went to the grand opening event for the Triton Student Center, you heard musician Eric E. playing in the fireside lounge. He’s an alum. Eric Engebretson attended Edmonds CC from 1984-1985 to perform with its vocal jazz group Soundation because of the group’s “legendary reputation” (his words, not ours!). In 1985, Soundsation met in the portables, which now house the college’s Construction Industry Training program. Those buildings sure needed some construction skills.

Pictures of its leaky roof helped the college get funds to build Mill Creek Hall (much nicer digs for the music program). However, singing in the rain didn’t dampen Eric’s experience of Soundsation.

“My love for jazz came from Edmonds,” he said.

Here’s a little more about musician Eric E’s experience at Edmonds CC:

Before Edmonds CC Music was my passion, but I couldn’t imagine how to make a living as a professional musician. I figured you had to be either a high school band teacher or the next rock star — I didn't know there was anything in between.

After Edmonds CC I started my career as a professional musician. I did 250 performances a year for the next 17 years with my music taking me to 49 of the United States and 18 countries around the world.

Favorite class Soundsation. It set the bar really high for my work ethic and what I could achieve. It was all about striving for excellence. I keep in touch with the Soundsation group from that year. Half a dozen of them are making music professionally.

Advice for new students Get as much out of school as you can. It goes by fast. Study hard, and take advantage of the opportunities available to you at college. Milk it!

Advice for music students Use the recording studio! Make use of the equipment available to you as a student.

Best college experience touring Europe with Soundsation — 16 voices and a horn section — performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. I don’t think I’ll ever perform again with that many excellent musicians all at once. We made sounds so beautiful, so powerful. It’s a wonderful memory that I’ll never forget.

Instrument a Breedlove C-1 Maple acoustic with Sunrise, LR Baggs, & Barcus Berry pickups

Note: Eric had a chance to visit this year’s Soundsation class during a break at his performance at the college. He says they still sound great!

If you missed Eric's performance, you can hear some demos of his music at and on

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This EdmondsSphere blog is where you’ll hear more about Edmonds Community College’s global reach. This summer, for example, the college signed an agreement with a college in Korea, took students on a study abroad trip to volunteer with PeaceTrees Vietnam, sent English instructors to Kenya to visit an orphanage and prepare to teach a new class on East Africa, and welcomed 17 students from Egypt to study on our campus.

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