Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get the Edmonds CC vibe: Take a campus tour with Sam!

One of the students who leads our campus tours is Hussam Abdurrahman (he goes by Sam). He's here at Edmonds Community College working on his Associate of Arts. His interests are skateboarding and photography, which make a great combo as seen here in this pic of him taken at the Mill Creek Skate Park.

Here's more about Sam:
Why Edmonds CC? because of the amazing vibe
Biggest challenge: waking up in the morning
Favorite classes: History and chemistry. They are fun. I like learning what they have to offer.
Best advice for students: Grab life by the horns young buck... and do it like you mean it. And don’t let anyone faze you, no matter what.
You’ll hear him say: "you’re blowin’ it dude" and "cynic"
Dream job: working at Goods, a Seattle boutique and skate shop  

Campus tours are a great way to get to know the college firsthand and make sure it’s a good fit. Students lead our campus tours, so you can ask them about their college experiences. Campus tours happen all the time. We can plan a tour so that it fits your schedule Call 425.640.1577 and we’ll get you started.

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  1. Nothing special!
    That is something I can do easily and I am doing it every day in more professional manner. Heeee
    Khaled Abdurrahman