Thursday, November 17, 2011

America's Strongest Woman works at Edmonds Community College

Kristyn Whisman, winning the title of America's Strongest Woman.
Ray Novak
"One of the things that I love about strongman, is that when you go to an event, all you can control is yourself and your own performance. It's not worth the stress to worry about anyone but yourself, because all you can do is do your very best. If on a given day, my best is good enough to put me in first place, then that is wonderful. If it's not good enough for first, then you take your performance, learn from those who were more successful than you, and get back to training hard." — Kristyn Whisman, American's Strongest Woman

Kristyn Whisman, Edmonds Community College's Dean of Corrections Education at the Monroe Correctional Complex, has competed for and won the title of America's Strongest Woman in the Lightweight Women's Division of the North American Strongman (NAS) Nationals for the third time. The NAS nationals America's Strongest Women event took place in November at Harrah's Casino in Mississippi.

Kristyn Whisman, at the North American Strongman
Nationals Competition
Ray Novak
Participants competed in six events over two days: log clean and press for reps, yoke walk, farmer's walk, frame deadlift for reps, keg carry for distance, and atlas stone over bar for reps.

• clean and pressed a 110 pound log 10 times in one minute, to tie for first place;
• carried a 350 lb yoke 80 feet in 11.78 seconds, for second place;
• carried 120 pound farmer's handles 80 feet in 10.43 seconds, for second place;
• deadlifted a 405 pound frame 37 times in one minute, for second place;
• carried a 150 pound keg for 190 feet, for fifth place; and
• loaded the 200 pound atlas stone over a 50 inch bar four times in one minute, to tie for first place — and take the overall win by 1.5 points.

"Going in to the last event, the atlas stone, which is a quintessential strongman event, I was in second place. Before we started the stone, I knew I just had to go out and do as best as I could in the stone, and just wait to see what happened," Kristyn said. "Getting first place in the atlas stone was good enough for the overall win! I worked so hard for this, and to win the championship for a third time was extremely gratifying. It was an extremely tight contest, which made it much more exciting and fun. All the competitors worked so hard and everyone was hitting personal records throughout the entire weekend. It really was a great event."

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