Thursday, April 19, 2012

Student receives scholarship from safety engineers

Congratulations to Edmonds Community College Occupational Safety and Health student Dawn Burgett who received a scholarship from the American Society of Safety Engineers! Read more about Dawn's experience at the college.

“Edmonds CC has been one of the greatest times of my life.”
— Dawn Burgett
Occupational Safety and Health Technician
Construction Management

Why Edmonds CC? It had the programs that were most applicable to my needs.
Why now? Without the right education it was becoming pretty difficult to move any farther up the ladder to where I could make a difference in the industry.
Before Edmonds CC: I worked for 20 years in the marine industry as an insulator.
Best college experience: My involvement in the Construction Management Student Association was a very satisfying and wonderful experience.
Favorite classes: I especially liked Civil Construction, CONST 185, and Materials and Methods, CONST 160, because these two classes opened up worlds of new knowledge for me.
Most helpful resources: the tutoring center and the Career Action Center — one to get me through, and the other to help me transition out.
Scholarship: The Puget Sound Chapter Martin Brown Memorial Scholarship from the American Society of Safety Engineers
Advice for new students: Take one of the Job Development classes in your first quarter! This is the greatest way to get to know the campus and learn skills to help you achieve your new goals.
Interests: I like to garden and can the results. I also tinker around with lapidary and beading projects.
College goal: The bachelor degree in Safety and Health Management at CWU
Dream job: My dream job involves returning to the construction industry as a safety engineer and becoming a part of the process that is changing the way safety is looked upon in the industry. With my experience and the knowledge I have gained here I sincerely feel that I can be a big part of changing that little section of the world!

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