Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solar Sized Savings

The sun is closer, and more lucrative, than you think. ArtsNow/uLearn’s two upcoming classes: “Solar for Your Home?” and “Solar Home Design”, are geared to take the mystery out of harnessing the powers of the sun.
The Puget Sound may be known for its rain, but we receive 3.8 peak sunlight hours in a day (compared to Germany, whose whopping 44% of their energy production comes from the sun, receives 3.2). According to Chris Herman, President of Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative, “Seattle gets 70% of the annual solar radiation that Los Angeles receives.”
The following items were revealed in the Seattle Times on February 10:
Solar power and solar energy used to be something that only the extremely wealthy or the extremely “green” could harness. Not anymore, according to Martha Rose, vice president of the Master Builders Association, “We’re at the sweet spot in the history of solar power. With a federal tax credit totaling 30 percent on material and installation costs, along with state [incentives] that increase if materials are purchased from Washington state manufacturers, a solar energy system can pay for itself in five to 10 years”.
Clearly, now is the time for area residents to take advantage of this affordable and sustainable energy source.
So, what is the first step? Educate yourself: Herman, will be teaching “Solar for Your Home?”, with ArtsNow/uLearn, on February 23. He will show what improvements can be made on your home, and assist your journey into sustainability and living green. For a more in-depth look at solar power for your home, Herman will be teaching “Solar Home Design” on March 10.
For more information on these, and other ArtsNow/uLearn classes, visit www.edcc.edu/artsnow or call 425-640-1243.

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